Distinctive Dining Means a Great Experience

Our Sonata Senior Living Executive Chefs and Dining Services Teams listen to our residents – and their doctors – in order to create a variety of healthy culinary delights for a distinctive dining experience sure to please every diet and palate.

Whether a diner’s diet is designed in response to an allergy or health issue or is based purely on preference, our restaurant and family-style dining rooms serve up nutritious, appetizing meals that meet each resident’s needs three times a day. Diet-friendly, grab-and-go options and snacks are also available throughout the day and evening.

Each of our commonly requested diets, which may be further personalized upon request, include:

  • Regular Diet: consists of naturally healthy, fresh, local ingredients whenever possible
  • Vegetarian Diet: a plant-based version of the Regular Diet
  • No Concentrated Sweets: includes most foods allowed on the Regular or Vegetarian diet but routinely includes sugar substitutes; sugar-free desserts, jellies and syrups; recipes with no added sugar
  • Low Sodium: based on the Regular or Vegetarian diet but does not allow salt served on the table; uses salt in cooking according to the recipe only; allows salt substitutes to be used
  • Finger Foods: served in a manner appropriate for holding in the hand or picking up with the fingers in a dignified manner (e.g., bite-size pieces and sandwiches)

All diets are prepared consistent with the community’s dietitian-approved menus and are reviewed annually by a Registered Dietitian (RD).

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