Live It UpSignature Programming

Life Enrichment Programming at Sonata

At Sonata, a robust and active approach to life means a full menu of nutritional, cultural, social and educational opportunities. By integrating the latest research in active aging and wellness for seniors with the most current training tools and resources, we’ve developed our proprietary Live It Up!℠ program shaped by the International Council on Active Aging’s (ICAA) seven dimensions of wellness.


Having the ability to be aware of and direct one’s feelings helps create balance in life. Through peer counseling, stress management, laughter and personal histories, we enable residents to cope with challenges and behave in trustworthy and respectful ways so they can manage their emotions.


Engaging in creative pursuits and intellectually stimulating activities is proven to keep minds alert and interested. Our lifelong learning opportunities offer such activities while Teepa Snow’s Positive Approach™ to Care empowers us to engage successfully by performing tasks with residents, focusing on remaining abilities and integrating preferences into care.


Engaging in physical activity, choosing healthy foods, getting enough sleep, managing stress, and following medical recommendations are just some of the ways residents can improve health and functional ability. We support this wholesome lifestyle at Sonata with 24/7 licensed nurses, supplemental care and personalized services driven by resident needs.


Activities that take full advantage of one’s skills while providing personal satisfaction remain meaningful to individuals regardless of age or functioning level. We make it a point to learn the unique and varying backgrounds of our residents so that we can promote engagement and purpose.


Visiting with neighbors, friends and family, as well as engaging in celebrations, friendly card games, museum visits and pool parties, is valuable to maintaining health. Our lifestyle program offers a range of resident-driven opportunities to socialize and make new friends both on campus and off.


Living with a purpose in life is key to well-being and feeling connected to the larger world. For those who practice spirituality through relaxation, we offer personal meditation, mindful exercise and opportunities to feel one with nature. For others who gain spiritual wellness through religion, we provide group and individual faith-based activities.


Good environmental stewardship means respecting resources through recycling as well as bringing people into the natural environment to encourage active living. By emphasizing natural light, universal design, safety innovations, and outdoor recreation areas, our purpose-built communities enliven and enable an environmentally conscious atmosphere.

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