Expect More At Sonata Senior Living

Sonata Senior Living is designed for all who believe each day should offer up more opportunities to live life to the fullest. You see, living your best life is so much easier in a community whose singular purpose is to exceed your expectations. In fact, more families choose independent living, assisted living and memory care at Sonata because they know they can Expect More. More service, safety and security, health and wellness, activities and events—all this and the convenience of maintenance-free retirement living in Florida.

  Independent Living

Active retirement living adaptable to your own personal style and customized to provide precisely the vibrant lifestyle and security you’ve dreamed of.

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  Assisted Living

Truly attentive and compassionate assisted living designed and built around each resident’s care plan for health and wellness at each stage of the continuum.

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  Memory Care

Award-winning programming and safety features integrated with a fully supportive environment to promote independence in those with dementia.

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Signature Programs at Sonata

When it comes to senior living, it’s not just about quality of life. It’s about quality of yours and your loved one’s lifestyle. Signature Programs at Sonata are designed to help older adults create meaningful experiences and connections with equal emphasis on safety and service excellence.


We are raising the bar in senior living with the latest in safety and security innovations and technology.

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At Your Service is not only our motto, it’s a way of life and our commitment to delivering the highest levels of service and hospitality.

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Our proprietary wellness program offers activities and events that bring people together, availing countless opportunities to grow and thrive.

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Using techniques based on dementia research, Serenades by Sonata puts Teepa Snow’s acclaimed philosophy and training into practice.

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Duets draws from the science behind music and memory to improve symptoms, cognition and mood in those with Alzheimer’s and dementia.

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Expect More At Sonata

Visit a Sonata community and find out why putting service first has allowed us to continually raise the bar in senior living and exceed our residents' expectations.


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