When it comes to assisted living in Florida you’ve got options; a lot of options in fact. But take heart; the process of determining the best fit doesn’t have to be as daunting as you may think. The first step? Find out what to consider when choosing assisted living for your loved one.

Start at Home

Take some time to honestly assess where things stand for your loved one right now including:

  • Current health concerns
  • Social well-being and isolation concerns
  • The difficulty and stress of home maintenance
  • The level of assistance needed with daily activities and tasks

It’s also important to get input from family members, including your loved one, on the decisions ahead. Regardless of whether they offer conflicting opinions, have thoughts or ideas you haven’t considered, affirm your decision or all of the above, making the effort helps everyone to feel heard and fosters a spirit of collaboration.

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Make a List

Checklists can keep you on track and ensure your loved ones needs and wants are met in assisted living in Florida.

Include in your list:

  • Decide on a list of “must haves” for your family and loved one
  • Location preferences
  • Lifestyle preferences
  • Wish list of nice-to-have features, amenities and/or services
  • Budget

Narrow your Choices

  1. Start within your geographical preferences to narrow your choices.
  2. From there, call the assisted living communities in Florida that you’re interested in to get general information.
  3. Request tours at the locations you feel are the best fit. Include your loved one if possible as well as other family members or decision makers on the tours.

And don’t forget, no one knows these senior living communities better than those who’ve had firsthand experience with them. Get referrals and advice et referrals and advice from trusted advisors, friends and professionals in the industry. Be sure to review the websites of each community thoroughly. These steps can give you a deeper insight than you would get even on a tour.

Stay Focused on the Tour

Before you set foot on the properties of your best options of assisted living in Florida, write down the questions you want answered such as:

  • What level of daily assistance can residents expect?
  • What is the staff-to-resident ratio, both day and night?
  • What are the qualification requirements for the staff?
  • What are  the monthly costs for housing and care, and what services are included in those costs
  • How is the community secured?
  • Does the community accommodate special needs such as diabetic care or dietary restrictions
  • What programs (exercise, wellness, enrichment, social and other activities) are offered?
  • How often can friends and family visit? Are there common and private spaces to gather with them?
  • What’s the best way for friends and family to receive updates on our loved one’s well-being?
  • What is the policy for discharging a resident from the community?
  • Is the community pet friendly?

Also pay close attention to how the staff interacts with residents, how well-maintained the property is, the quality and variety of foods offered on their daily menu, the appearance and comfort of the dining room, common and outdoor areas and the amenities available.

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