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Video Transcript

I know my mom is safe here because of all their safety standards that they have. Everything done here is inclusive of the families. The communication to the families. Especially when your mom transfers or your parent transfers from an independent side to an assisted living, we’re putting their lives into their hands.

We checked out numerous places prior to moving my mom into this facility. We took tours, and my sister and I are both medical background so we were very, very particular, especially about the care, most importantly, and we knew as soon as we walked in here after a few minutes, we just knew that this was a place. I would encourage anybody with any hesitation that this is the place to bring their loved one. They’re just outstanding in every way.

My family was medical so I understand the complexities of medical, so I’m kind of a little judgmental on how the staff handles things. I mean down to getting up and down, moving, walking with the walker, to the physicians. I mean my mom doesn’t even have to leave here to go to the dentist, she doesn’t have to leave her to go to the dermatologist. I don’t have to take her out now where it endangers her. We feel wonderful, we are thankful for it, to be honest.

Sonata communicated very well during Covid and have continued to give us the latest rules specifically for assisted living and also with the vaccine. Just the communication to reassure us that they’re doing everything possible. The employees are trying to be safe, everybody’s getting tested and temperatures checked daily coming in and going out. They were doing everything within their power to keep our parents safe here and they have, they really have.

It is really Sonata that was proactive in keeping us and involved. Yes, we contacted her, but they were the ones, communications, here’s what we can do, just drop-ins on cell phones with your mom, we thought she’d like to say hello to you, you know, it was just wonderful and such a relief, because as we’re all shut in and worried, but she was happy, she did great, and it’s because of them, because of Sonata being proactive.

During Covid, we did virtual visits, and it was interesting. I think a lot of times with the elderly, at least my mother is not versed in technology. She didn’t know where to look, what to do, but after a little while she got used to it and it really helped because it was such a desperate time. There were porch visits set up from a distance, that helped also, and we were able to sign up. Activities did an amazing job keeping us all connected during that time, even if they sensed that that resident was a little more lonely or anxious that day because they haven’t seen their family, they would just randomly do face time with them. It was really amazing to know that they’re just there, they’re plugged into the needs of the residents all the time, and it was very helpful.

If you had to rate Sonata among, and I can list a lot of other places that are within this area, they’re number one. Their comfort level, their friendliness, their competency. It’s a high standard here at Sonata and I think a lot of places cannot even start to compare.

I also, just randomly, even before Covid, but definitely since, we’ll get a picture sent to me from activities or from wellness, just reassuring mom’s doing good today or mom’s in front of the ice cream truck today eating her ice cream, just reassuring us in the middle of the day, that she’s doing well and happy.

How many children can say their parents are happy where they’re at? Mom loves it here. She won’t let us take her out. Do you want to come home for Christmas mom? No, I like it here.

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