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Video Transcript

All of the people who work here know us by our first name, know where we belong, know what we like. The dinner, when we come to dinner, they serve the drinks for us before we order them, they know what we’re gonna have. If we come down to breakfast, Joyce and I like coffee, we get a pot, it’s on the table as soon as we walk in. It’s immense, it’s very very good.

As you come to Sonata, you see all the advantages and you meet the people, and you get to know the staff, and it feels comfortable. It feels like people care for me. I feel people care, it’s friendly, and the most important thing, and I used to say that when I was working, the most important rule for everyone is to have good manners. I really have not encountered one person without good manners. Each person really goes out of their way and I find that the staff knows every person, they always use our name, they’re always willing to assist us. I know i make it sound like it’s perfect, but for me it’s comfortable.

Everybody here is here because they want to be here, very definitely. The young ones who serve the table, they’re like grandchildren, and we do hug and we do kippitz around, and we do have a lot of fun.

The administrators are already tuned to what they can expect from older people before we even know that we do and they’re there at every given moment, not only with a response to your question, but with an addition, “well wouldn’t you like it if?” I think that’s the way it should be.

The people at Sonata have taken care of older people before, so they know what to expect when we give a given symptom before we do. They are attuned to that. They’re watching us. They’re thinking of us, but they’re not invading, they’re there to make it easier. They are the oil that lubricates our lives now that we’ve never had before. That’s what sonata does that I doubt many other places do.

At Sonata, I feel like I’m at a resort. I have my apartment. I feel like there’s people there to always help me. I go to my apartment when I want to be alone, or if i want to be with people, I go downstairs and there’s always someone around. At a resort, you’re always packing up moving, making sure it’s clean, and now I have my own little my own little place in the world.

People ask what it’s like to live here. How can you tell them what it’s like, and I made up one. It’s like being on a cruise where the boat never rocks and never docks.

At Your Service is a motto. No, no, it’s not a motto, it’s a way of life. At your service is the motto of this place, but it’s the way they all approach a problem: what do you need, how do you need it, when do you want it. They’re always there and their question is: Is there anything else or anything more, always looking for the added bit that you asked about, they are literally at your service all the time.

I feel they understand older people and they genuinely try to help you in any way they can. I don’t take out the garbage anymore. It used to be such a pain in the neck, “Did you take out the garbage?” Yes I did, so now I don’t take out the garbage.

It’s just wonderful, we love it.

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