Introducing Sonata Safe: A 10-Point Program That Puts Safety Into Every Practice.

Promoting and protecting the health of loved ones requires nothing less than a fully coordinated effort that actively and effectively meets the demands of a changed world. Sonata is proud to respond with a comprehensive 10-point program we call Sonata Safe.

Born of but not limited to the coronavirus pandemic, Sonata Safe is a program designed to provide effective assurance that residents are cared for in a safe and healthy environment, no matter what conditions and threats might arise in the outside world. We have combined rapid response protocols, government-approved guidelines and extensive training to create and maintain an environment of safety and security for all.

1. Prevent and Control

Step one in effective prevention is to rigorously apply and follow all recommendations from local, state and federal agencies, including the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). Because these protocols and recommendations are subject to constant change, Sonata Safe provides the agility to respond to changes rapidly and with effective compliance.

We are committed to constant monitoring of both residents and staff to prevent infection of pandemic illness. We test proactively and require employees to remain home at the slightest indication of a health issue.

2. Vaccine Safe

Sonata Senior Living is partnering with the Florida Dept. of Health, CVS and Walgreen’s for the complete management of the vaccination process, including on-site clinics to administer Covid vaccines free of charge to residents and staff.

3. Welcome With Safety

We love prospective residents and their families. To prove it, Sonata offers prospective residents tours based on safe touring best practices. We also make home visits to seniors who require assistance making the transition to senior living.

4. Respond Rapidly

Speed saves. In the event a resident or staff member should test positive, our rapid response is triggered immediately to assure protection of residents. Strict quarantining is required of any resident who shows signs of Covid. To leave quarantine, a resident must show two negative test results 24 hours apart. Any staff member must meet the same standards before returning to work.

5. Screen and Distance

Sonata Safe means residents and their families are in complete compliance with the Florida Executive Order which provides specific instructions for visiting senior living communities. Visits are scheduled in advance and visitors are subject to temperature and symptom screening.

Safety signage is located throughout our communities to remind everyone to maintain social distance and keep their hands clean.

6. Mask Up

All Sonata Senior Living staff members cheerfully wear masks and gloves while interacting with residents. We also commit to maintain ample supplies of personal protective equipment (PPE) on site, with additional back-up supplies conveniently stockpiled nearby. And of course, all staff members have been trained in the use and removal of PPE in accordance with CDC recommendations.

7. Stay Sanitized

Sonata residents, guests and family members rest assured knowing Sonata employs electrostatic spray disinfection to make sure surfaces are constantly sanitized. This method ionizes disinfectant particles to make them cling to surfaces, providing a uniform coating—a method known to be 10 times as efficient as conventional cleaning methods.

This sanitization extends to our communities’ doorknobs, elevator buttons, water faucets, toilet seats and handles, and handrails. Additionally, cleaning is enhanced in common areas including lobbies, activity spaces and dining venues.

8. Train and Educate

An effective plan is only as strong as the weakest member. This is why the heart of Sonata Safe is a commitment to uniform training in effective control procedures, screening for symptoms, rigorous quarantine practice, and superior sanitation as well as handwashing and the use of PPE.

Sonata senior management consistently communicates directly with staff members to make sure procedures are understood and implemented. In addition, resident family members receive training to assure safe and secure visits.

9. Stay Connected

Counteracting isolation is a necessary component of effective defense. Sonata’s lifestyle directors employ creative approaches to providing meaningful life enrichment programming while meeting the requirements of social distancing.

Our activities are built around small groups even as we have created new channels for interaction including hallway events, social media groups, games and challenges. We have added to outdoor activities, concerts, live streaming and virtual events to keep residents engaged.

10. Prioritize Family Time

Sonata Safe embodies a commitment to quality family time in new and creative forms. Outdoor visitation in a climate-controlled space is available. In addition, we have arranged virtual Zoom visits to preserve and protect contact with family.

In short, Sonata Safe is more than a promise. It’s a proven effective plan that combines state-of-the-art safety guidelines with our highly personalized approach to health and wellness and an added measure of peace of mind.

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