Duets by Sonata

Duets Harnesses the Power of Music to Improve Memory & Ease Symptoms

Sonata Senior Living believes that life, like music, is something we compose in our own distinctive manner. It’s an expression, not merely of what has come before, but of the flow of our days to come. It’s why we believe fervently in employing music wherever possible in our residents’ lives.

Not just to recall important moments, milestones and memories, but to create connections and deepen life’s meaning. Helping people celebrate their distinct personalities, their experiences, and bring joy and continuity to every day.


Connecting Through Music

Duets by sonata logo purpleMusical memory can survive even when areas of the brain associated with other forms of recall have been damaged by dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. In fact, research has shown that music interventions can improve memory, cognition and mood. It can help people with memory loss follow their routines. It can even help their caregivers communicate and connect better than they’ve been able to in years.

Duets draws from the science of music and dementia to develop a personalized playlist for residents of Serenades Memory Care Communities. Through wireless headphones, residents can listen to their favorite songs during periods of unease, agitation and anxiety. Music is also offered as a source of entertainment and a means of creating a safe space.

Music For The Individual

To understand which songs will be most beneficial to each resident, Sonata interviews friends and family about their loved one’s favorite genres, albums and songs.

The team is specially trained to assess how each resident responds to music during activities. If a resident is feeling overwhelmed, Duets’ headphones will create a private retreat where they can relax and escape distractions. If someone seems nervous about a bath, a well-chosen sound track can reduce their resistance to receiving help with personal care.

Music For All

In addition to personalized music, the Duets program uses music and sounds from nature to create a peaceful, relaxed environment. Music is also used to establish a sense of routine, which has been proven to help ease symptoms such as wandering, agitation and confusion.

Music is used to get residents excited about group activities, establish that it’s time for dinner, and set the mood for a relaxing night’s sleep.

 “It’s very important we discover what type of music each person likes. If someone is having a bad day, we might try playing soft jazz, the ‘Grease’ soundtrack, or a patriotic song. Our goal is to find the songs that help each resident feel safe, comfortable and secure.”

―Julie Fernandez, CALA, CDP, CADDCT, CPT, Sonata Senior Living

Sonata Senior Living is committed to enriching the lives of our residents through innovative programming such as music therapy that recognize individuality and personal choice.

To learn more about Duets, schedule a tour of a Serenades Memory Care Community in Florida.

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The Guide To Music & Memory Loss

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