Questions and Answers About Memory Care Communities

by Serenades Memory Care

Before you begin a search for a memory care community in Florida, get answers to your most important questions about Alzheimer’s disease and dementia care, care services, care options, and benefits. We’ve compiled frequently asked questions about memory care in Florida for your convenience.

How is memory care different from assisted living?

Memory care is a specialized form of assisted living designed to meet the unique needs of people with Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia. Long-term care communities that are purpose-built for memory care incorporate architectural and programmatic features to promote safety and well-being.

What is Serenades Memory Care?

A leading memory care program in the state of Florida, Serenades Memory Care communities have achieved the highest national certification for the treatment of dementia. By focusing on what remains of the memory rather than what has been lost, our programming is customized around our residents’ abilities, helping them maintain independence and emotional well-being. All aspects of the environment at Serenades Memory Care are designed to minimize the impact of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia, manage symptoms and behaviors, and increase quality of life. Interior finishes and décor, lighting, floor plans, dining services, activities and programming are thoughtfully arranged to promote familiarity, minimize overstimulation, ease wayfinding and safeguard well-being in those with memory challenges.

How does memory care help people with Alzheimer’s disease and dementia?

The purpose-built design features of the award-winning Serenades Memory Care program are specially engineered to empower people with memory impairment through self-awareness and enhance quality of life. The architecture, programming and care at Serenades help people with memory challenges maintain independence and dignity in a safe and supportive environment. While traditional assisted living communities may offer supportive services, the caregivers at Serenades Memory Care are specially trained to understand the symptoms of progressive brain disease in order to meet the unique needs of people with Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.

How is Serenades Memory Care different from other assisted living communities?

Serenades Memory Care features small neighborhoods, open floor plans, and family-style dining and living rooms to help our residents feel more at home. This design helps reduce anxiety and confusion caused by memory loss and gives residents more freedom to safely navigate their environment with confidence. This key insight is the driving force behind Serenades’ award-winning approach to memory care. To this we add innovative programming and person-directed care to encourage autonomy while safeguarding personal security.

How do you pay for memory care services?

A specialized form of assisted living, memory care rent may be paid for through a combination of funds such as social security and savings, proceeds from selling a home, veteran pension benefits, long term care insurance and life insurance policies. Find out how Florida seniors pay for assisted living rent.

Why are memory care costs higher than assisted living rent?

Memory care services tend to cost slightly more than basic assisted living services due to the special needs of people with dementia. According to AARP, the average monthly rent at a memory care facility can be approximately 30% more than the average assisted living rent. Costs are impacted by dementia caregiver training; specialized dining, programming and activities; building construction and safety features; technology; and operational costs. Since pricing varies by location and community, Serenades’ Guide To Finding the Right Memory Care Community can help you compare the costs of memory care support in Florida.

Is memory care safer for people with Alzheimer’s disease and dementia?

The symptoms and behaviors associated with Alzheimer’s disease and dementia can often lead to unsafe conditions at home. Memory care communities are purpose-built for safety and freedom using innovative design solutions that have been proven to improve quality of life. Serenades Memory Care by Sonata provides unrestricted yet secure access to both indoor and outdoor areas to reduce agitation and frustration while improving physical fitness and emotional well-being. Double-barrier monitored exits, GPS devices, motion sensors, glare-free and amber lighting, even anti-skid flooring are employed to empower residents to use their retained abilities in a safe and secure environment. Learn about the five key ways senior living communities keep seniors safe.

What is person-directed care?

Person-directed care is a model of long-term care that encourages people to make decisions about their daily routines and activities to preserve independence and dignity. Research has shown the key to a higher quality of life is a model of care that embraces personal choice and autonomy. For this reason, the dementia caregivers at Serenades Memory Care are specially trained to provide person-directed care while honoring the personal preferences and tastes of individual residents.

When do you need memory care?

Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease are progressive, meaning symptoms become increasingly pronounced over time. Residential memory care communities like Serenades offer services that treat and manage the symptoms and behaviors of progressive brain disease at all stages. At Serenades Memory Care by Sonata, residents in the early stages, or GEMS® states, benefit from dementia-friendly activities and Teepa Snow’s nationally renowned Positive Approach To Care® programming. Residents in the later stages of dementia benefit from 24-hour care and supervision. It is important to consult a doctor to find out if you or your loved one qualify for memory care services.

How does music help people with Alzheimer’s disease and dementia?

Research has found that musical memory is surprisingly strong in people with dementia, even when other parts of the brain have been damaged by the disease. Numerous studies have linked music to improved memory, cognition, and mood. Based on the neuroscience behind musical memory, Duets by Sonata helps reduce the negative symptoms and behaviors of dementia, including agitation, anxiety and stress. Learn more about music and memory loss at Serenades Memory Care by downloading an Introduction To Music and Memory Loss.

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Guide to Finding the Right Memory Care Community for Your Loved One

Looking for the right memory care community can be challenging. You want to make sure you find the best place for your loved one, while dealing with a range of emotions. The entire family feels the impact when a loved one is diagnosed with Alzheimer's or a related form of dementia.