Financial Solutions For Senior Living

At Sonata Senior Living, we understand you may have questions about the affordability of senior living. That’s why we’ve compiled the following options to explore.

Insurance Policies

Long-term Care Insurance

Your loved one’s long-term care insurance policies could be used to help pay for assisted living and memory care services. We’ll be happy to provide a complimentary review of your policies and explain the long-term care benefits to you and your family.

Life Insurance Policy

Life Insurance may be used to pay for Assisted Living, Home healthcare and long-term care. This can be accomplished by cashing in your policy with your current provider. Another option is to contact providers who specialize in converting life insurance policy into payments that cover senior care. For additional information contact: →

VA Services/Special Pension with Aid and Attendance

A special pension benefit for veterans and surviving spouses who require regular attendance of another person to assist in dressing and undressing, bathing, toileting or eating. Aid and Attendance can help pay for care in the home, assisted living or nursing home. For more information, visit your local county Veteran’s service office or Department of Veteran’s Affairs website at →

Medical Expense Deductions for Assisted Living Services

Under the IRS tax code, some or all of the monthly expenses paid by individuals or families to an assisted living community may qualify as a deductible medical expense for federal income purposes. Contact a CPA who specializes in Elder Care or Retirement Planning.

Bridge Loans and other Financial Solutions

Elder Life Financial offers a compliment of financial solutions for senior care including a bridge loan which allows a family to move their loved one into assisted living while they are waiting for VA Aide and attendance benefit or house to sell. →

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