For the health and safety of our residents and complete peace of mind for their families, our state-of-the-art communities are purpose-built with the most up-to-date technology and safety features available today, including:

Community Safety Features:

  • Wireless RoamAlert® Departure Alert System at All Exits
  • Camouflaged Exits
  • Secured Proximity Card Access
  • Safety Cameras in Courtyard and at External Exits
  • Secure, Interior Courtyard
  • Double-Barrier Exits
  • Non-Glare Surfaces
  • Resilient Flooring
  • Color Coding and Cueing Way Finding
  • Simple, Open Floor Plans for Safe Navigation

Private and Companion Suite Safety Features:

  • Room Layout: Bed is placed within visual sightline of bathroom and door
  • Staff Rounds Check: Electronically verifies that staff performed their regular bed checks
  • Bed Exit Alert*: Automatically makes staff aware that a fall-risk resident needs assistance getting out of bed
  • Incontinence Alert*: Notifies aide that immediate assistance with hygiene is needed
  • Bathroom Emergency Call: Positioned near toilet and shower for easy access to assistance
  • Amber Nightlights & Strips: Gentle amber nighttime lighting provides cueing for bathroom location and allows staff to provide care without turning on bright lights
  • Smoke Warning Alert: Immediately notifies staff of smoke in apartment
  • Motion Sensor: Notifies staff when resident rises and may need assistance
  • Window Alert: Immediately notifies staff if resident attempts egress through window

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