Staying fit in FloridaFlorida is one of the top destinations for retirees. And for good reason. The cost of living here is relatively low and there are no state income taxes.

But we have a sneaking suspicion that what draws most seniors to the Sunshine State is our wonderful weather.

Down here, you can enjoy the great outdoors almost any time of year (okay, except for maybe a few steamy days in August). This makes it easy for seniors living in Florida to enjoy all of the benefits that come from an active lifestyle, including reduced blood pressure, decreased risk of developing many diseases and conditions, and increased balance and flexibility, just to name a few.

In honor of National Senior Health Fitness Day, here are the best ways for seniors to stay active while enjoying all of the options for independent living in Florida.

The Best Ways to Enjoy Active Senior Living in Florida

  • Swimming — Swimming improves our cardiovascular health. It has also been associated with lowered blood pressure, improved circulation, and reduced risk of heart and lung disease. In Florida, active seniors have plenty of options for practicing their breast stroke, whether it’s a few laps in the community pool or a dip in the Gulf of Mexico.
  • Weight training — As we age, our bodies naturally lose some muscle mass. Regular weight training can make us less prone to falls, improve our balance and increase bone density. Talk to your doctor to see if bringing a few light dumbbells on your afternoon walk is a smart idea.
  • Tai chi and yoga — Many cities and towns in Florida offer free community yoga and tai chi classes in their parks and recreation areas. Consider dropping in on a session to enjoy benefits like reduced stress, increased balance and strength, and lower blood pressure.

Mental Benefits of Active Senior Living

An active lifestyle isn’t just good for the body. Numerous studies have shown that the prefrontal cortex and medial temporal cortex (the parts of the brain that control memory and thinking) have greater volume in people who exercise.

To further improve your mental fitness, consider adding a few brain-boosting exercises to your workout routine. Studies have shown activities like crossword and sudoku can help the mind resist the effects of aging by stimulating the nerve cells to produce more nutrients.

How to Enjoy All of the Active Senior Living Options in Florida

One of the easiest ways to stay mentally and physically fit while enjoying the great outdoors is to sign up for fitness and wellness classes at your senior living community.

Many independent living communities in Florida offer regular group walks, outdoor aerobics classes, and excursions to nearby attractions and sites.

At Sonata Senior Living, the Live It Up wellness program makes it easy to make new friends while improving your physical, mental and emotional strength. This proprietary wellness program, developed exclusively for Sonata residents, includes everything from museum visits to pool parties to group card games. We also help residents develop a physical routine they’ll actually enjoy.

Whether it’s National Senior Health Fitness Day or a regular Tuesday, at Sonata we believe the best way to embrace active senior living is to make working your mind and muscles easy — and fun.

For more information on Sonata’s senior living communities, call a community near you today to schedule a visit →

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