Chances are you’ve seen senior living communities in Florida touting all their conveniences, activities, fitness, and enrichment opportunities. No, they aren’t trying to outshine each other or to simply entice prospective residents. The truth is, these features are very much intentional. In fact, it’s one of the main benefits of daily life in a senior living community as research shows they aren’t merely nice-to-have features—they are a must when it comes to healthy aging.

Did You Know?

  • Seniors in the United States with an active social life may have a slower rate of memory decline; the decline among the most sociable could be less than half the rate among the least sociable.
  • Seniors who exercise appear to live longer and have a lower risk of disability. Not only those maintaining an existing level of physical activity, but also those who begin exercising between ages 70 and 85.
  • Positive emotions are linked to better self-reported wellbeing where worry, anger, and unhappiness increase the risk of developing or worsening heart disease, arthritis, and other chronic health conditions.
  • Research has found that seniors who felt they had purpose in life had a lower risk of suffering a stroke and enjoyed greater overall well-being.

The Value of Daily Conveniences

Whether you’re in independent living, assisted living, or memory care, you’ll find that your monthly fee includes not only housing, but also dining options, housekeeping, laundry, maintenance, and even scheduled transportation. But it’s not just about convenience, although that is a bonus. The intent of senior living community programs like Sonata’s “At Your Service” is that instead of spending your day doing these tedious chores, as you would at home, you now have the freedom to enjoy a more active, fun, and purposeful life.

The Value of Daily Lifestyle Opportunities

For residents to reap the benefits of a healthy aging approach, senior living communities must go beyond just the games and social activities, although incorporating that fun is vital, too. For example, Sonata’s Live It Up! program nurtures the seven dimensions of wellness as identified by the International Council on Active Aging: emotional, intellectual, physical, vocational, social, spiritual, and environmental.

That’s why in our senior living communities you’ll find amenities, such as a fitness center, pool, game room, art studio, and even a dog park. In addition, you’ll have a full monthly calendar from which to choose clubs or hobbies you’re interested in pursuing, as well as your pick of cultural, educational, and volunteer opportunities. In memory care, programming is even more tailored to the specific needs and capabilities of each resident.

And it’s all right outside your door. Who can say that at home? This is how Florida seniors can truly get the most out of life.

For more information on Sonata’s senior living communities in Florida and how our unique programs encourage healthy aging, call a community near you today to schedule a visit.

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