Sonata Senior Living’s communities are located in Central Florida and while we usually enjoy sunny, beautiful weather, the summer heat can make our residents and team members especially vulnerable to dehydration. Since we’re focusing on promoting hydration this summer in our communities, we’ve put together some tips to staying hydrated and preventing dehydration that everyone can benefit from! It’s easy to learn the causes of dehydration and steps to prevent it with these tips.


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Causes of Dehydration:

Fever, heat exposure, and/or too much exercise
Aging – Your ability to notice changes in body temperature decreases with age
Medications and Dietary Supplements – many act as diuretics
The elderly often experience diminished thirst, which leads to reduced water or overall fluid consumption

Signs of Dehydration:

Little or no urination, any urine that is darker than normal – dark yellow or amber urine
Extreme confusion and irritability in adults
Very dry mouth, skin and mucous membranes
Increased heart rate, heart palpitations (or spasms) in the heart muscle. Blood pressure may drop.

Steps to Promote Hydration:

  • Drink 8 glasses of water a day or 50% of your weight
  • Avoid strenuous exercise and exposure during high heat index
  • Plan ahead and take extra water bottles to all outdoor events
  • Thirst is often confused with hunger. When you feel hungry, drink water! True hunger will not be satisfied by drinking water.

Of course, please speak with your doctor before beginning any new dietary program.

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