Family Letter Limelights: Sonata Coconut Creek, November 2022

This month our Family Letter Limelight features a shout out to Sonata Coconut Creek. Thank you, Sonata Coconut Creek, for understanding the importance of connecting with family.

Letter To Sonata Coconut Creek

On October 6th of this year, my darling wife will celebrate her first year as a resident at your Sonata Coconut Creek facility. While her memory continues to slip, her physical appearance has improved so much, and I am very grateful for the care she receives from Sonata.

I want to give thanks to the whole staff of genuinely caring people. The staff is wonderful towards the residents and the families that come and visit.

I do miss my wife every day, but when I come to see her and then leave, I do so with so much confidence and assured that my darling is in good hands and well taken care of.

Don’t want to take too much time, but I believe that this was needed to be said. Thank you for the wonderful people that work for the Sonata facilities. God bless you all!


Tony R.

About Family Letter Limelights

We think it’s important to illuminate the amazing work and service our team members provide at Sonata Senior Living by sharing letters we receive from our families. Family Letter Limelights represent unedited, unsolicited letters we have selected to share with the public.

We share these letters in a spirit of gratitude to acknowledge the dedication of our team members and associates who make it possible for Sonata to fulfill its mission of enriching the lives of older adults through innovation, care and services that honor individuality and personal choice. At Serenades Memory Care, our personalized approach is evidenced through purpose-built design and person-directed care, as well as our unwavering emphasis on service excellence. Community, care and programming are all designed to support freedom and independence, while celebrating the individuality of every resident affected by Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.

About Serenades Memory Care

Serenades by Sonata is an award-winning memory care program unlike any other found in the state of Florida. By focusing on what remains of the memory, Serenades Memory Care integrates the personal preferences and abilities of residents into daily activities to promote independence, support freedom of choice, and improve quality of life in those with Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. Using a purpose-built model, Serenades Memory Care communities incorporate features proven to positively affect the treatment of dementia symptoms. These include beautiful, yet simplistic floor plans, color-coding, and cueing for easy orientation and navigation.

About Sonata Senior Living

Sonata Senior Living is a licensed owner, developer, and operator of independent living, assisted living, and memory care communities located exclusively in Florida. Recognized by Argentum as a Best of the Best Award recipient for memory care programming and design, Sonata Senior Living is committed to enriching the lives of older adults through constant innovation, programming, and services that recognize individuality and personal choice. Partners include the Florida Senior Living Association, the Alzheimer’s Association, Teepa Snow’s Positive Approach to Care® and Argentum. For more information visit


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