Compose Your Best Life at Sonata

Sonata Senior Living offers a personalized approach to senior living in Florida by allowing more opportunities for older adults to make the daily choices that compose each day. You see, we believe that retirement living is unique to every individual, which is why we honor the personal preferences and tastes of our residents in programming, service and care. In perfect harmony with our commitment to service excellence, we help people celebrate their distinctive personalities and passions to bring joy and continuity to every day.

  Independent Living

Active retirement living adaptable to your own personal style and customized to provide precisely the vibrant lifestyle and security you’ve dreamed of.

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  Assisted Living

Truly attentive and compassionate assisted living designed and built around each resident’s care plan for health and wellness at each stage of the continuum.

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  Memory Care

Award-winning programming and safety features integrated with a fully supportive environment to promote independence in those with dementia.

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We Honor Choices

Retirement living at Sonata Senior Living is underscored by a full array of cultural, social and educational choices. As always, we develop these from the personal interests of our own residents in order to enrich their lives. By design, our Signature Programs inspire feelings of freedom and independence, and help our residents create meaningful life experiences and connections.


Residents can seize the day and leave the details to our concierge, who’s ready to provide support.

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Our proprietary wellness program offers a wide range of activities to help you feel your best.

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A care technique based on the science of dementia, our approach to care embraces the uniqueness of those with memory challenges.

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Innovative programming at Sonata uses the positive effects of music to improve memory, cognition and mood.

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Find Unparalleled Care Across Each of Our Communities

Seniors and their families can rest assured that our personal approach to care carries over from one community to the next, allowing as many opportunities as possible for residents to live life their way.

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