Respect as a Core Value

June serves as a good reminder of our corporate values and how they make a difference in each of our senior living communities. These principles define who we are as a company, and include values of: Excellence, Integrity, Respect, Passion, and Teamwork. Of all our core values, an abundance of “respect” is simply part of Sonata’s DNA.

15 years ago, Sonata Senior Living was founded to raise the bar in senior living. Setting the bar high means always standing up for what is right and what is decent. It means we embrace diversity and support fair, equal, and respectful treatment of all individuals regardless of race, color, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sex, or gender preference. Treating anyone to the contrary undermines the very mission and basic core values upon which Sonata was established.

This month, we are reinforcing our commitment to equality in the following ways:

  • We reaffirm our core value of RESPECT and will demonstrate respect to EVERY individual without exception.
  • We cannot – and will not – tolerate racism, discrimination, prejudice, or violence of any kind.
  • We will support and treat all people equally, without prejudice. Always.

We make it clear that our systems, services, behaviors, and values reinforce the need to embrace the cultural and ethnic diversity of our team members, residents, and their families. In fact, our employee and resident handbooks reflect our commitment to celebrate diversity and champion equality.

We encourage every member of the Sonata family to evaluate what this commitment means and reaffirm their own personal commitment to our shared values. In doing so, we will continue to present our best as a company and be respectful to one another.

Shelley Esden,
Co-Founder, President and CEO of Sonata Senior Living

shelley esden ceo sonata senior living

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